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Bringing herbal magic into your self care rituals...

Combination of ancient knowledge and evidence-based research to bring you the highest quality hand-crafted products for the lowest cost.


As someone who has been challenged with skin dryness and acne scars, I felt like there was never a way to get rid of the flakey patches. When I started my Naturopathy degree I began to learn about the ancient magic within herbs and plants as well as how we can harness this to nourish our bodies. 

After locating ancient testimonials and evidence-based research to back it up I created my first herbal cream and facial oil. After a few days of use, the result appeared quickly. My skin felt hydrated and soft, the dry patches disappearing and even my skin beginning to look more even where there was once severe acne scarring. I couldn't keep it to myself. 

Thus became Eterea. 

A small business aiming to provide high-quality and evidence-based products for you at the most affordable price. Intuitively created utilising the earth as my inspiration. 

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